About Us

Welcome to Something Special ...

There is little doubt that our lives are a very special form of gift.
To realise this and know the precious jewel we hold in ourselves each and every day of it,
makes for a challenging, exciting and varied journey.

The real joy in life comes from caring for others and ourselves.
This is how we end up living a life that is special and that has meaning.

My Celebration Shop is for the special times, memorable occasions, and wonderful people in our lives.
For all our friends, family and loved ones. For our hobbies, passions, important events and beloved pets.

A unique and very personalised gift, item or memento, allows us to say thank you, congratulations,
we love you, well done, say we're sorry for an unbearable loss, and helps us always remember a special person or an important event that made us realise just how lucky we are to be alive!

When we celebrate the precious people and moments in our lives, we celebrate life.
My Celebration Shop is passionately and proudly committed to this life long purpose.
By enhancing lives and being of value, it allows us to celebrate life together.

A Business Based on Personal Values …

Elizabeth and I have based our marriage and family life on friendship, respect, honesty, love and joy.
For us to whole heartedly commit to any business endeavour, it needed to be a logical extension of our relationship and consistent with our personal values.

At the same time, we wanted to do something that gave back.
We believe that if we can offer something, anything at all, to the broader community and touch many people
through an understanding of the human emotional connection we all share, no matter whom they were, and where they had come from, it would have to make for a rewarding business.

Irrespective of people's circumstances or life experiences, as fellow human beings, it is a safe bet that we all share the very same day to day life challenges and that the love of our families and friends sits firmly at the very heart of it all.

They say that if only we spent a day in someone's life or took time to walk a mile in ones' shoes, we would soon realise that the trials and tribulations they have are the very same as our own. The same hopes, aspirations and love for the people we care for and hold dear in our hearts, make us all the same deep down.

My Celebration Shop is and will always be, a reflection of that understanding and of our personal values.
We hope you share the same belief. We feel quietly confident we all do.


Robert & Elizabeth (Co-Founders)