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Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints

Texture and imagery come together beautifully. Any subject or occasion can have pride of place in a home. On a wooden frame your image comes to life as if it were a classic masterpiece hanging in an art gallery.

Events & Thought Starters include:                                                                                                                                Early chldhood and baby images look sensational. A favourite photo or event printed on textured canvas gives new depth and scope to the image. Wedding, Engagement or any family group photo will live forever in your home and other family members’. A fond farewell to a loved one lost, makes for a sentimental and beautiful gift.

Specifics: A Canvas Print is available in any size,either on its own or mounted to a wooden frame. Carefully measure a specific area on your favourite walls and have one or many canvas images hung there. Popular sizes include: 42cm x 29.7cm, 30cm x 90cm, 40cm x 120cm & 70cm x 130cm

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CANVAS PRINT 42cm x 29.7cm (Print Only)
An A3 sized Canvas Print. (Have it framed or make a frame for it yourself.) ..
Ex Tax: $31.82
CANVAS PRINT 42cm x 29.7cm (Print & Wooden Frame)
A beautiful A3 sized canavas print & framing included ..
Ex Tax: $50.00
CANVAS PRINT 30cm x 90cm (Print Only)
A great looking panoramic shape. Ideal for big groups or landscapes.  ..
Ex Tax: $86.36
CANVAS PRINT 40cm x 120cm (Print Only)
A bigger canvas print for an empty wall. Perfect match!   ..
Ex Tax: $131.82
CANVAS PRINT 40cm x 120cm (Print & Frame)
Think of a bare wall and put a great photo canvas print on it. You and the wall will feel much bet..
Ex Tax: $177.27
CANVAS PRINT 70cm x 130cm (Print Only)
Print only. A size to suit all. A little wider to suit a family image or overseas photo you took y..
Ex Tax: $222.73
CANVAS PRINT 70cm x 130cm (Print & Frame)
A big print for a big wall. Do your canvas thang!  ..
Ex Tax: $268.18