Fundraising With My Celebration Shop

Fund Raising Programs for Your Club, School or Association

My Celebration Shop has as part of its core beliefs an honest and very real wish to give back to the people who support us, and a strong desire to be involved on an ongoing basis with the community.

We therefore feel that we can actively realise these mutual hopes for a healthier and more financially secure future for everyone, by genuinely wanting to help through what we do and by offering a unique opportunity to any organisation to generate additional, much needed funds for the good work it does.

Any organisation committed to the well being of all of us, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, is always at the mercy of financial realities.

Unfortunately helping others be their best and nurturing goodwill and community spirit also needs monetary support to sustain the effort. Simply put, we offer your organisation an access pass to our items via our website. You and supporters of your entity, type this access pass (endorsed and chosen by you) into any web browser. This then automatically recognises any purchase made by that person as your entity's purchase and your fund raising begins.

Access codes are usually your organisation The web site welcomes that person at the top of the site with a note acknowledging that any item purchased helps the organisation directly.

Any item purchased, immediately generates fund raising monies, payable only to your organisation at the end of each month into your nominated bank account.

There is no charge, cost or long term commitment required by you or your entity to this arrangement. It is based in good faith. Yes we will have a written confimation and agree to the details, however it will be sealed with a sincere handshake or a phone conversation.

One of the biggest pluses with this program, is that It requires no staffing, no time impost or personnel from your organisation to operate it successfully . You simply let people know it exists via your web site (a link can be useful too), newsletters, or any form of social media including the all powerful word of mouth. Our on-line store will showcase your organisation and we can customise a merchandise range of your own specific products or items with your logo or fund raiser wording that are offered to all who visit.

Sporting Clubs can offer our items branded with their logos and imagery at no cost to the Club, but actively generate funds for the running of that Club - new equipment, uniforms, social activities and quite often the unforseen expense that needs urgent payment that Chocolate Drives or Sausage Sizzles can’t generate quickly enough.

The access pass also has a ‘back office’ function that allows the appointed officials of the entity to track all activity to your organisation through our site You will be able to instantly review fund raising contributions that will be paid at month end. The report is live and current at any time of viewing.

If you are interested in discussing the idea further please call to have a chat. We have an introductory Fund Raising overview pack that takes you through a worked example to highlight the ease of use and effectiveness of offering items people want anyway to raise funds. At the same time they know they are supporting an  organisation they believe in. It also add value and nurtures your connection with your supporters.