Make Money With My Celebration Shop

Independent Business Owner Program (IBOP)

Since the inception of My Celebration Shop we have had people enquire if we would offer the concept as a franchise or on-seller model. We are grateful for the high level of interest shown, and while it is very important to continue spreading the news, we need to be clear that our limited IBO program does not constitute in any way a franchise arrangement or employer/employee contract. The IBO Program is simply a supplier/customer transaction and is treated accordingly.

Simply put:

  1. We offer our products to the market place through the My Celebration Shop- 0nline store and showrooms where available.
  2. We have our recommended pricing.
  3. By invitation only and after a careful selection process,we may extend preferential pricing to an independent business owner.
  4. This IBO owns and operates their own business and we are one of their suppliers.
  5. A link to our on-line web store and a related products and pricing overview is offered. Samples may also be purchased. 

A code of conduct is included that highlights IBO obligations,our quality guarantee and the IBOs commitment to their customers given our own desire to have a market position based on integrity and professionalism.

It also clearly states that we reserve the right not to supply if any of these conditions are breached.

The IBOP program is only offered and available at the discretion of My Celebration Shop management, and is only extended once any candidate is determined to be suitable and in keeping with the philosophy of the owners.There is no obligation to offer the program to anyone or to explain why any candidate who applies for the program fails to be accepted. All enquiries will be treated with respect at all times.

IBOs operate their own business (hobby or registered). The IBO or the IBO's clients will purchase products via the My Celebration Shop on-line store at the recommended pricing as published on the site. All orders are processed and paid for on-line.

Enquiries or questions are welcome.