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As a community minded organisation, My Celebration Shop wishes to be actively involved with any worthwhile cause or part of the community that needs our love, attention and support. We invite you to join us and share a little of the generous human spirirt with us and the people and causes we support. We want to make a difference and have promised ourselves to do so (over and over again) before it's time to go! 

We really believe that the true joy of life is to give and share some of the many things we've been blessed with. It's the best way to receive and feel the joy and satisfaction of having helped someone in need. It doesn't always have to be a world changing cause or affect hundreds of people. It can be as poweful as making one person smile or happier because we spent time with them, or a family enjoy a simple pleasure because we were involved.  

As part of the same commitment, we also want to actively promote human interaction via the power of the technology available to all of us. To organise get togethers and reunions and celebrations where we enjoy laughter and conversation and face to face meetings, is a really critical part of our personal growth and long term survival as a race.

It sounds over the top, but if we forget what it's like to 'see' each other, and to know the non-verbal cues and body language that is a key part of our nature, then we leave ourselves open to becoming isolated and anti social. More by accident and less by intent. I hope you understand the scope of our undertaking and help at any time you wish. We are also very willing and able to be involved with your own worthwhile causes and social events.

Some of our key areas of endeavour include:

Helping the elderly with the retention of memory through our Gift of Memory items. We are currently Crowd Funding via

This program is aimed at visiting all nursing homes, elderly and retirement villages to spend time with residents and the centre operators to offer a program that helps with Alzheimer's and dimentia sufferers. through our use of 3 key photo image items (Photo Memory Quilts, Photo Cushions and Photo Canvas prints) we have helped with retention, recall and better social interaction for residents experiencing loss of memory.The program also raises donations back to the centres to be used for socal outings and residents' support.

If you can help us, please visit and kindly donate.

Children's Meant2Be Your Best Program

This program encourages kids of all ages to be their best and believe that they have unique skills and a special calling in their lives. By actively promoting the idea through creativity, we are able to have the kids draw or create a unique piece of artwork and at in cooperation with the pre-school, school, sports club or youth group, print 'one off' tee shirts with the child's artwork.

The point being that like the artwork or drawing, the child is a one of, special and unique creation that no one else can have or be. The point is usually a powerful message when presented to children and their parents. email us on if you need any further details on the program.

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A small bundle of memories on your 25cm cushion.  ..
Ex Tax: $31.82
A beautiful 36cm cushion which we can cover with photos, words and most of all your fond memories..
Ex Tax: $40.91
MEMORY CUSHION Oblong 40cm x 29cm
A longer more rectangular shape that may suit your photos and ideas.  ..
Ex Tax: $40.91
Memory Photo Quilt (Mini) 95cm x 65cm
This quilt is the smallest of our photo quilts. Measuring 95cm x 65cm it can have one central pho..
Ex Tax: $177.27
Memory Photo Quilt (Small) 115cm x 91cm
The next size up. 115cm x 91cm allows you to think of using a bigger photo or a few more smaller ..
Ex Tax: $195.45
Memory Photo Quilt (Medium) 145cm x 95cm
A Great sized quilt 145cm x 95cm suits a larger bed or couch. It sits beautifully on your knees w..
Ex Tax: $222.73
Memory Photo Quilt (Large) 180cm x 100cm
This is our biggest quilt, and rightly so it is a beautiful bed quilt or one to place over your l..
Ex Tax: $290.91