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Memory Throws

Memory Throws
Our Bed & Couch Memory Throws are perfectly suited to sit at the end of your bed or across the middle
or at the end of your bed's pillows. Being a slim long throw, it look terrific draped across.
Photos can be framed or collages or you can possibly consider a central photo and smaller ones leading off it to the sides. Wedding, new baby arrivals, kids, family or just lots of colour and a graphic design to suit your decor or wall colours. 
We have  a size to suit you and your bed or couch. 
Choose one that is just right for you, and then find lots of photos, colours, themes, words and ideas.
Endless and limitless as the wonder of life with all its twists and turns. We look forward to receiving your ideas and images to do justice to your unique memories.
5 sizes available to choose from:
Single Bed (152cm x 40cm) ($195)
King Single (160cm x 45cm) ($235)
Double (197cm x 50cm) ($295)
Queen (210cm x 50cm) ($330)
King (270cm x 50cm) ($395)
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