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Tribute Banners

Tribute Banners

Saying good bye is really hard. But it's just as important to celebrate a life when it comes to an end.        Remember the person and their time with us by having a commemorative banner present, or a photo collage or their ''life montage'' banner. 

Description & Thought Starters:                                                                                                                                     Tribute Banners are fantastic, as the numerous photos & images capture the loves, passions and happier times of the loved one lost. With a Signing Tribute Banner, let the people who attend the service voice their sorrow and offer written condolences and heart felt words of support for the family. These attendees never reassemble exactly the same way again.


Specifics:Tribute or Signing Banner (only) : Small (60cm x 90cm) Medium (70cm x 110cm) Large (90cm x 150cm)          Tribute or Signing Banner on Regular Stand (75cm x 154cm)                                                                                    Tribute or Signing Banner on Large Stand (85cm x 200cm)

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A small banner, but full of feeling and emotion. (can be fitted with eyelets) ..
Ex Tax: $77.27
TRIBUTE/FAREWELL BANNER Medium (70cm x 110cm)
A beautiful image or photo to say good bye. Can be fitted with eyelets. ..
Ex Tax: $86.36
TRIBUTE/FAREWELL BANNER Large (90cm x 150cm)
A large farewell or tribute for heart felt goodbyes! Can be designed with a signing section for a..
Ex Tax: $131.82
TRIBUTE/FAREWELL BANNER on Regular Stand (75cm x 154cm)
Standing proudly for all to see and sign. Images of a great life or time. ..
Ex Tax: $177.27
TRIBUTE/FAREWELL BANNER On Large Stand (85cm x 200cm)
A large farewell or tribute banner for people with lots of friends and family.  ..
Ex Tax: $218.18