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Walk Thru Banners

Walk Thru Banners

Have a party with a big welcome, walk thru banner. Colourful, creative with your unique party theme, welcome message, special photos and personal invite to 'come on in'. Add a real 'wow' to your celebration gateway.

Description & Thought Starters :                                                                                                                             Perfect for any teenager party or event. Friends will love it, as they arrive and push through the banner to a beautifully decorated venue. add an element of mystery and wonder to the party.   

Specifics:Hangs easily at top of door frame or across front door panel (Pin down or hang up).            Walk Thru Banners are available for either a single or double door and are printed full colour one side. Forms a grand entrance through to a great party. Single Door (90cm wide x 200cm drop) Double Door (180cm wide x 200cm drop)

Please email us any other ideas, events or thought starters you think we should include here for everyone else to share. It’s greatly appreciated.

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WALK THRU BANNER Single Door (90cm x 200cm)
A grand entrance for all. (single door 90cm x 200cm drop) ..
Ex Tax: $150.00
WALK THRU BANNER Double Door (180cm x 200cm)
Twice the impact through double doors. (two sections of 90cm x 200cm drop) ..
Ex Tax: $222.73