Here are some of the emails and photos we gratefully receive from My Celebration Shop friends. Please take a read...

Brigitte's Bar Comes Alive. Outback Bar is now open! We had the pleasure of making 3 differently creative theme bar mats for Brigitte's new Bar.  

 Thanks for the photos Brigitte!




Anne's 50th Birthday- Friday January 17th, 2014

Email from Francesca Celentano (Anne's daughter) Thank you!!!! Sun 3:24 PM 1 MB
Hey guys!

Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication and hard work that you put in for my mums banners. The party went splendidly and she had absolutely no idea! She was so surprised and she cried with so much happiness when she saw the banners. She walked through the kiss curtain so many times! She was like a 5 year old! She was very emotional over the signing banner and she took a little trip down memory lane and started telling us all about each photo. It was amazing. Thank you so much once again. Really appreciate it! Here are some photos of the night.

Bar Mats for Dumpsta in Zambia -Tuesday 7/01/2014 9:44 PM 

Email from Kelsey

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Subject: RE: Hi Kelsey 
From: Kelsey <kelsey_*****(email address blanked out) 
To: Robert Portelli <info@mycelebrationshop.com.au> 
Hey Rob!!
Happy New Year also! 
Got the bar mats today as I’m in the country - They are awesome! Thanks so much.
I’m heading back to Zambia next week so I will leave the order - but my mum is looking into stubby holders and also the blankets for the (AFL) local footy club so I have passed your details onto her. They want to know if you do personalised little AFL footies? Possibly with the clubs logo on them?? Very interested in what you would quote?
Also with the stubby holders, say we ordered 50 for the club, how much would that be?? (wasn't sure if the quote on your website was per stubby holder or for the whole 50).
Thanks Rob - also a brief feedback below for ya!
" I was after a personalised gift for a close mate and found mycelebrationshop.com.au and saw the bar mats.
Im no designer and so rung up the friendly Rob Portelli and he asked me to email a brief description
of what I wanted on the bar mat, what my mates interests were etc and he promptly whipped up a few amazing designs.
After I chopped and changed, I had 2 awesome bar mats, which were dispatched within days.
Love them & a huge thanks to Rob for his time & enthusiasm in providing a fantastic product and service!
Great price & great service! Cheers guys!"

Dan’s 30th-Celebration Saturday July 13th, 2013

Email Monday July 15, 2013 (11.51am)
Hi Robert & Elizabeth,
Thanks again for printing the stubby holders for Dan's 30th Birthday, everyone loved them
and we passed out the cards that you printed too.  We hope you generate some business
from this as well.  I've sent some photos for you too.
thank you
Kind Regards,
Karen Hoctor
Email Tuesday July 16, 2013 (3.42pm)(Photos received)
Thanks once again from our family, we will be recommending you guys to all our family and friends,
Kind regards
Karen Hoctor

Nan & Pop- Mother's Day 2014 Sunday May 11th, 2014

Email Thursday May 8th, 2014 (21.47pm)
Hi Rob,

Just some quick feedback to say that Nicole and I love those cushions. Even our 3 boys commented on how great they looked! Our oldest son Ben is 21, and he is going to do something similar for his girlfriend too soon! No doubt Nicole's nan will be gob smacked come Mother's Day! I think once we spread the word, you will see more orders come through..... Best regards, David Rawson

On 11 May 2014, at 12:23 pm, "Info" <info@mycelebrationshop.com.au> wrote:

Hi David. Let me know mum's response today. If you happen to video tape it please send it to me. Thanks heaps for liking us on Facebook too. Rob

Hi Rob,Yes she loved them and actually cried a bit! Unfortunately we didn't tape it but she has them in prime position on her bed! We are sure to receive lots of comments about them in the future! As I said before, there will be others soon. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks once again mate!